Must Read Carefully – ध्यान से पढ़े


Write your Satta king Game and check your Calculation / Prediction / Numerology. We wish to you for best luck Today. Here we are not forcing or suggest to play to earn money by Satta King Game, just try you calculation with proof.

  1. Post Your Game At least 45 Minutes Before The Actual Result Time Of Particular Game.

  2. It Is Not Allowed To Post Your Mobile Number Or Site Links In Our Forum.

  3. Do Not Post Wrong Result In Our Guessing Forum.

  4. Do Not Quote Other Posts At Result and It Is Also Not Allowed To Post Your Guess At Result Time Of Any Game.

  5. It Is Not Allowed To Discuss About Your Facebook Page, Watts up Group Or Your Personal Matter In Our Guessing Forum.

  6. Do Not Use Bad Words In Guessing Forum.

  7. It Is Request To All Guessers To Please Post Quality Game Means 2 Or 3 Figures Along With 4 Or 6 Jodi’s Having 6 or 8 Panels.

  8. Please Congrats Other Guessers On Their Winning Games.